We are professionals driving innovation & business solutions in Burlington.

Connections Burlington is a group of professionals from a variety of businesses around Burlington – real estate, marketing, wellness, retail, etc… Our mandate is to create a positive learning and networking environment in which members work to drive growth. Our group is dedicated to providing each other with sound business advice, mentorship and qualified sales leads.

Many of our Burlington Networking Group members who met through Connections Burlington have gone on to create meaningful working relationships outside of the meetings. We support each other wherever and however we can.

We meet weekly on Thursday morning from 8:30am – 9:30am via Zoom due to Covid-19. We welcome new business contacts interested in growing and learning in a supportive environment.

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Meet The Members

Anna Kobelak

Anna Kobelak Photography

Lenaee Dupuis

HR Made EZ

Clement Syed

Clement Syed Law Care

Damian Andrews


Dr. Dave Walsh

Burlington Natural Health Care

Harrison White

HW Advantage

James Mink

James Mink Real Estate Group

Wade Karfor

Investors Group

Dean Williams

Gem Limousine

Rose Warnica

Ships or Trips

Shafiq Mohamed

Fully Promoted Burlington formerly EmbroidMe

Steve Warnica

Warnica & Associates Insurance Inc.

Andy Coats


Andy Coats


Burlington Networking Group


Enhance Your Thinking, Grow Your Business
The professionals that join Connections Burlington have all achieved some level of success… of course, some more than others. However, even those at their peak understand that there are opportunities to enhance their business and themselves through meaningful connections and learning opportunities. That’s what we’re about. Enhancing your business, your learning and your network for ultimate growth. Join us…

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Collaborate and Listen
Think of Connections Burlington as an extension of your business. You have access to a team of experts with a wealth of experience every single week who have all come together for one purpose… to collaborate and connect. Take advantage and look for opportunities to work together on a business or a community initiative.



Relate… In Person
It is no surprise that at the core of relationships is “relate.” As a professional, your most important asset is not monetary at all, it is your relationships; your network. Before you say that you have great relationships and that you have more than 300 LinkedIn Connections, that’s not what this is about. Put down the technology and create good old fashioned, person-to-person relationships. Those are the ones that will have the biggest impact on you and your business. After all, one real (not social) relationship is worth more than 10,000 social media links, likes or followers. Food for thought.



Develop at Your Own Pace
We promise, if nothing else, the professionals who attend our weekly meetings will push you to develop your business, your mind, your network and your commitment to community. From there, what you take away is up to you. We provide the opportunity to develop connections and if you put in the effort, those can make all the difference to your business. 

Burlington Networking Group


Experience Business Differently
The word experience can mean something different to each of us. At Burlington Connections we think it means not only the journey we go through, but the lessons we learn. So come experience what it means to have meaningful business discussions with new (and possibly some old) connections. Come soak up the learning from those who share their own business and life experiences – both the positive and the transformative. Come learn from the experienced professionals willing to share their time. Whatever you are looking to experience… you can find it here.

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Give More Than You Receive
Too often in today’s cut-throat business world, ideas and people are guarded. Well, let’s put this thought out there… no idea is a new idea. While we’re not suggesting you share something at the expense of your business, we do value the concept of sharing ideas that make our collective businesses better. Perhaps you have worked with a vendor who went above and beyond; maybe there’s a local event that others could benefit from; possibly a Ted talk that inspired you… let’s share.



Finding Opportunities
Connecting with local community professionals really does expand your reach. We do what we can to build excitement and exposure for our community and our fellow Connections partners by looking for joint or individual promotional opportunities that make sense. When business in Burlington grows, we all win.

Learn Burlington Networking Group


Inspired to Learn
When you’re surrounded by like-minded successful professionals you can’t help but be inspired and want to learn. Every one around the table brings a unique perspective to business, community and success and we foster a true learning environment in our meetings. Each week someone is invited to the table to lead a discussion that would benefit the majority and the discussions that follow prompt thought and often-times action. Come learn for yourself!

Grow Burlington Networking Group


Finding Growth Opportunities

Growing your business can be time consuming and mentally taxing…. especially when you still have to execute your day-to-day tasks. Whether we are referring new clients to each other, or becoming one ourselves, our team of professionals always keeps each other in mind. We take success personally!


Decide to do one thing today that changes your professional and personal trajectory for the better… JOIN US.

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